2013 CBR cup finale – Mugello, Italy

Hi everyone,
This past weekend the beautiful Tuscan circuit Mugello hosted the final round of the Italian championships and the cbr600rr cup. We ended the 2013 European season exactly where we started it out in terms of location only, in terms of speed I knew going into the
weekend how much I have improved over the year and was really looking forward to seeing where in the competitive the field of 25 riders I could finish. I even had two shots at it as this weekend our class had qualifying and one race on Saturday and one on Sunday.
Friday was a fantastic day for me. I rode in four sessions trying many things and pushing myself constantly, managing to go one second a lap faster than ever before at 2.00.8. The team and I were excited for the next two days confident I could lap under 2mins.
Saturday, the 21st of September, was my 21st birthday and I was racing number 21. All the stars were aligned but it just wasn’t to be a good day for the team. Both of my team mates crashed in the morning qualifying session leaving the mechanics working non-stop to get the bikes ready for the race at 5pm. Just to add to the drama, I was a bit unhappy after qualifying back in 13th position and wanted to make a few tweaks to my bike. I have to praise the work of team Tecnicamoto however – all season my bike has been absolutely
immaculately prepraerd, and constantly one of the fastest through the speed traps. This weekend we achieved 267km/hr down the 1km long straight at Mugello. This helped me move up one position and finish the 10 lap race in 12th. At the end of the day I just had to
accept it wasn’t a fast day and move my concentration on to the race the following day.

Sunday brought mixed emotions. I got a fantastic start and was battling for 8th position with 6 other riders. After 5 laps I was dropped from the group as my rear tire started moving and sliding very badly, unfortunately because it was losing pressure. Although it
was kind of fun riding through Mugello’s fast, flowing corners with the rear wheel drifting, it certainly wasn’t the fastest or safest way around the race track. Eventually the tire went flat and I was unwillingly forced to retire. A bit of bad luck but my team mate Mitja Emili finished second and won the championship which was more like the result the team deserved! Also on the positive side, the part of the race we did manage was another really positive step forward.

I am certainly much faster and stronger now than at the start of the year and enjoying the close, competitive racing more than ever. Thank you to all who have been part of this european season – team Tecnicamoto Racing, WIL Sport management, Phil and Cheryl, my family, Geoff and Gaye, NGK, X-lite helmets, Bikeservice tools, amcc and Racesupplies. I hope that together we can return to Europe next year even stronger and fight for podium positions.

Avalon Thanks you All for making her dreams come true
“Dreams Do Come True”
Avalon Biddle
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