Avalon debuts new HJC R-PHA 10


HJC helmets have served many riders very well over the years and Avalon is extremely pleased to have their continued support for the 2011 season. She has been riding with the latest model R-PHA 10 helmet and is notably impressed.

“I have been loving my new HJC. It is so much quieter and better ventilated than anything I have ever worn, allowing me to focus much better when on the bike. One of my favourite riders Ben Spies also wears the same, and I know we aren’t the only one’s who believe in its safety and comfortability”

Other New Zealand riders to be seen in this helmet in the upcoming season include 600cc and superbike riders such as Craig Shirrifs and Glen Skatchill.

For more information on HJC’s range in New Zealand click here.

Avalon Thanks you All for making her dreams come true
“Dreams Do Come True”
Avalon Biddle
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